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After teaching at Surrey Christian Schools in British Columbia, Toronto District Christian High School, and Hamilton District Christian High School, Justin joined the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools in 2013 as the Director of Learning. Justin now partners with Edvance affiliate schools in a vision of learning for flourishing communities, supporting schools to develop a learning vision that helps students to thrive as engaged citizens committed to their local communities and rooted in a vision of the interdependence and right-relatedness of all things through Christ’s reconciling reign. This desire to engage with students in purpose and hope for the future has connected Justin with Christian Deeper Learning colleagues and speaking engagements across Canada, the United States, and internationally. At home, Justin and his wife Rachel (and their three beautiful children!) love trying to live intentionally in their neighborhood: sharing and restoring a multi-unit house, practicing hospitality, walking to church, and feasting with friends.

Justin Cook

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