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Guide for Blog Contributers

Who is the Audience?

K-12 educators (classroom teachers, learning leaders, principals, school heads, association leaders) in Christian schools, education students, and education professors who:

  • Have a passion for deeply engaging, highly relevant Christian education

  • Are eager to think and dream and make change for the flourishing of their students

  • Consider their work as not just a job, but a ministry or mission

What is the Audience Looking For?

Educators in K-12 Christian schools desire to: 

  • Connect with and learn from others with the same passion

  • Find out what other educators are seeing, learning, and doing

  • Find pedagogical strategies that help children flourish and learn to love learning

  • Live out their faith in their profession

  • Give children opportunities to worship God by understanding who they are, loving their neighbors, and taking care of creation

What are our Audience's Struggles?

The CDL Blog will try to address the challenges Christian educators face, including:

  • Misalignment between beliefs and practices

  • Not knowing where to start

  • Feeling stuck and powerless

  • Lack of support for change

  • Difficulty identifying key curricular concepts

  • Integrating faith and learning

  • Too comfortable with the status quo

  • Need to learn from experienced travelers

  • Limited time to find resources/expertise

Suggested Blog Topics

  • Pedagogy – curriculum, instruction, assessment, spiritual formation, community formation

  • Leadership – learning spaces, leading change, person of the leader, accountability, teacher professional growth, and evaluation, institutional structures

  • Models of CDL – The 6 mentioned on the CACE blog plus other ideas out there happening in Christian ed.

  • Philosophy – why Christian education, why CDL, inclusion, Real needs/Service learning/FLEX

Submission Guidelines

All blog submissions must:

  • Be uploaded as a Microsoft Word or Google document. If Google, please enable sharing.

  • Be between 500 and 1500 words

  • Have the following elements attached:

    • A title, author name, and preferred professional title

    • A professional headshot and a 1-3 paragraph bio (if contributing for the first time or would like to update your headshot and bio)

Any images, graphics, or designs included in your post must meet digital copyright expectations. Non-text elements that were not created by the author must include a proper citation and, in some instances, permission from the creator. Note: Authors are not responsible for finding a header image for your post; the CDL team will handle this unless the author requests a particular image.

Email all submissions to


The blog author holds the copyright to any published blog. Thus, they can reproduce the blog post on any other website. We merely request that they provide a link and give recognition to the CDL Community Blog.

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