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Krista Adams Wallace is an international Christian educator and consultant. Krista spent 19 years in the Dominican Republic working in missions and educational development. In 2002, Krista launched the Doulos Discovery School, an expeditionary learning PK-12 international Christian school in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Doulos was the first international Christian school to implement expeditionary learning practices. In 2009, Krista led Doulos to become the first internationally accredited ACSI school in the Dominican Republic.

In 2016, Krista launched InspirED, an educational consulting nonprofit, with Steven Levy and Dan Beerens. This collaboration led them to create the Christian Deeper Learning conference.

Krista lives with her husband, Chad, in Denver, CO, and is the Director of Learning Innovation for Elevate USA. They have two grown daughters and serve on their local Young Life committee. Krista and Chad have an organic coffee farm in the Dominican Republic and enjoy finding new places to sell their coffee worldwide.

Krista Wallace

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