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Warm Sand

I was walking on the beach early on a cool morning – damp sand beneath my feet and a brisk breeze blowing my hair. I was preoccupied: thinking, planning, praying, walking, looking up at huge clouds, and out at the pelicans skimming the waves.

I was brought up short by a sudden strong sensation of warmth beneath my toes: warm sand! When a little lapping wave caught up with me, I understood why that sand was so much warmer than the rest of the beach. It had been saturated with the seawater heated by yesterday’s hot sun! While the sand higher on the beach was chill from the night, the ocean’s waves retained the heat absorbed by the sun twelve hours ago!

Who is walking into your classroom from a “chill beach” today? Who will be suddenly surprised by warmth? Is your classroom community saturated with the Light of Jesus Christ? Will that Light and Heat embrace a child whose soul has gone cold from a long absence of warmth?

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world!” (John 8:12). He also said, “YOU are the Light of the world!” (Matthew 5:14) OH, Jesus: fill us so full of Your warmth, and Your light, that every person entering this place – this classroom, this school, this home – is surprised and blessed by total immersion in that warmth and that light that only come from YOU!


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