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Simplicity Makes the Profound Happen!

These words were spoken by a Chinese educator experiencing Redemptive Education for the first time. Now she is sharing that “simplicity” in her native China, in settings both rural and urban, both secular and faith-based.

Applying this maxim of simplicity to life with our students, we discover whole new venues for the profound!

What could be simpler than a walk outdoors? What could be more profound?

What could be simpler than a conversation? About what we observed on our walk – about what we are reading – about what we are thinking, and what we will do?

What could be simpler than “being still” for one minute – three minutes – ten minutes – an hour? What could be more profound than being still in order to “know that He is God?”

Our students receive very few invitations simply to walk – to observe – to be still (not just “sitting still in our seats!”) but being still in the presence of the beautiful, the transcendent, the huge and the tiny – to think together – to read deeply – to talk together with one another and with the Lord – to plan “what we will do.”

Provide these gifts to your children this week: gifts both simple and profound!


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