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Ponderings from the Berry Patch: Metaphors for Teaching

When berries are ripe, they are easy to pick.

The ripest berries are often hidden beneath the leves – they are not always immediately evident.

In any cluster of berries, you find a whole range of readiness for harvesting: the green are mixed in with the pink are mixed in with the deep purple.

If you keep scouting around for only the “best” berries, you miss the ones right in front of you.

You cannot possibly pick ALL the berries. You cannot reach them all.

Picking berries involves getting purple stains on your fingers and having to dodge briars.

It is better to move carefully, to avoid getting tangled in briars, than it is to try to get unsnagged after having been careless. So: take your time. Be strategic.

Eating berries gets seeds in your teeth, along with all that sweetness.

Sometimes the berries are sour – tart! But those make the best jam.

If you come back to the berry patch in just a few days, you will find more fruit for the harvest.


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