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Don’t Intrude...

She has invited her friend, the china chick, to listen to “Peter and the Wolf” with her.

Most of the time, children know what to do when we leave them alone.

Sometimes they don’t . . . if they haven’t had much practice with self-directed play!

But the interior life of a child is rich, deep, wide, and self-sustaining when it has had many, many opportunities to get to know itself. If it has had loving adults who facilitate but don’t get in the way.

Sometimes well-meaning parents and teachers are accidentally too intrusive: with photo ops, suggestions, ideas, or actual supervision.

What are your favorite ways to facilitate a child’s self-directed play? A good recorded story? a pile of cardboard boxes? a heap of colorful scarves and hats? green space or woodsy space or puddle or creek or sandbox?

A healthy child knows exactly what she wants to do when nobody is making her do something else! Let that little boy dig – or drive his cardboard box “truck” – or romp and stomp like a dinosaur!

Just don’t get in the way.


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