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CDL Digest - 4.28.23

Celebrating Wholistic Learning

This week I had the opportunity to visit a rather unique school in Celebration, Florida called Creation Village World School. I learned about it several years ago and so I was eager to see it in person because I was very intrigued by the mission of the school.

Begun in 2011, the school focuses on "wholistic health for children" - see the CREATION acronym below for how their mission is implemented. It currently educates 350 children Pre-K through 9th grade and will be expanding further into high school.

The school seeks to live out their mission through four areas of focus that inform the work of the staff and the learning experiences of the children:

Outside the building the school has developed a garden area that students can use for study, relaxation, and play. It includes chickens, goats and other small mammals. The school is currently partnering with a local hotel to produce a community garden to benefit others.

Below is the current year's program of study for grades PK - 6. It is revised each year by the teachers and much thought given to the appropriate amount of repetition for long term students. I like the conceptual organizers (who we are, how the world works, how we express ourselves, etc.) that provide a framework for students to help process and organize their learning. If you zoom in on the picture below, you can also view the central ideas, the lines of inquiry, the broad concepts and skills emphasized. I love seeing how schools develop this coherent and living plan of instruction for their students using common organizing features.

I really came away with a strong appreciation for the quality of the education the children were receiving, the nurturing environment created by the adults and the outdoor nature features, and the emphasis on curiosity and service. I enjoyed hearing how they are working to bring together all aspects of flourishing through the mission of their school. If you are heading to the Orlando area, you may wish to stop by for a visit!


An invitation from Steven and Joanna Levy - join us in our summer institute! Space is still available.


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