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A Heartfelt Journey into Deeper Learning….

My journey into Christian Deeper Learning has been a heart-led, emotional roller coaster ride.

I confess that I was disoriented and confused when the ‘Christian Deeper Learning’ language began filling my inbox, Twitter feed, and professional conversations.

Dare I admit that I wasn’t sure what it meant? I had more questions than answers:

Deeper than what? Deeper into what?

Along with my questions and bewilderment, I also found myself feeling defensive and insecure.

Is the learning in my classroom not deep? Am I designing shallow learning?

So, feeling confused (what does this mean?) and insecure (I really hope that I am not into shallow learning…), I began to grapple with the concept of Christian Deeper Learning…and that brought me to feel dissatisfied and frustrated (I warned you that I had had a range of emotions…).

How is Christian Deeper Learning different than Deeper Learning?

I was having trouble noticing the difference between Deeper Learning and Christian Deeper Learning. Surely Christian Deeper Learning had to mean something different than Deeper Learning…didn’t it?

Didn’t it?

As I sought clarity, I couldn’t find a common understanding or direction on the concept of Christian Deeper Learning. More often than not, I found opinions (and contributed more than my fair share…) and differences as I ventured further into the dialogue.

Little did I know, the ongoing grapple was leading to a most unpredictable, formative moment…actually, not really a moment—a 16-hour plane ride to Australia.

Justin Cook, Director of Learning at Edvance, and I were invited by Christian Education National (CEN) to co-facilitate a teaching and learning conference on Christian Deeper Learning. Departing at midnight, the plane lights dimmed; the rest of the travelers tried to embrace sleep while Justin and I settled into a spirited, boisterous 16-hour planning session around Christian Deeper Learning. The poor folks around us never had a chance to find sleep. They were subjected to Christian education 101 as we flew 17 hours into the future.

Somewhere over the Pacific, confusion, insecurity, and frustration transformed into clarity, inspiration, and Deep Hope as a common understanding for Justin and I took shape:

People of God’s story engaged in real work that forms self and shapes the world.

Since that impactful trip, the journey into Christian deeper learning continues – my formation continues. Looking back, there are three things that I see clearly about my journey:

First, Christian Deeper Learning is a personal journey lived out communally. Within Teaching for Transformation, we have grown to say that Teaching for Transformation is a result of Teaching from Transformation. Christian Deeper Learning forms self as it shapes the world.

Second, Christian Deeper Learning engages our whole Image bearing self: heart, hands, and head. For me, it has been a journey towards wholeness, personally and professionally. Always heartfelt and heart-led.

Finally, all good stories involve challenges, community, and restoration.

Christian Deeper Learning is a good story.


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