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A Letter from
the CDL Team


About Us

Christian Deeper Learning (CDL) was conceived and designed to bring together Christian educators who desire to engage students deeply in learning, help them discover who they are as image-bearers of God, and help them to find their place in God’s story.

The mission of CDL is to promote teaching practices that invite and equip students to be people of God’s Story, engaged in real work that forms self and shapes the world.

We do that by encouraging innovative practices and a variety of design models that provide opportunities for teachers and school leaders to have deep conversations about what it means to teach “Christianly” and to better meet their missions. See this blog series, The Many Roads to Christian Deeper Learning to learn more about six ways Christian Deeper Learning is being implemented.

The Christian Deeper Learning conference gathers educators from around the world and offers a great opportunity to explore what Deeper Learning means in a Christian context, provides opportunities to learn from national-level professionals to network with others, and mutually encourage each other in their professional work.

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