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CDL6: Diving Deeper

March 8-10,  2023

Vancouver, British Columbia

Diving Deeper

The sixth annual Christian Deeper Learning Conference (CDL 6) is primarily an event for practitioners to share their work with other practitioners. Presenters from our network of schools will illuminate practices related to deeper learning principles in curriculum design, instructional practice, assessment strategies, spiritual formation, and leadership.

Classroom Lecture

Come to Learn

Design Beautiful Work

How to design curriculum that provokes complex thinking, inspires beautiful work, and forms students into the character of Christ.

Deeper Instruction

How to plan lessons that engage students as active participants - making creative connections and constructing meaning together in accord with God’s Word.

Assessment for Learning

How to use assessment to help students learn, grow, and take responsibility for their own progress. They work as if for God, and not for grades.

Spiritual Formation

How to define your Christian values and move them from the posters on the walls into the minds, hearts, and behaviors of your students.

Leadership & Schoolwide Structure

How to lead the effort to become a Deeper Learning school, maximize your distinctively Christian mission, and utilize effective schoolwide structure change.

CDL6 = Pre-conference + Workshops

Day 1: Pre-conference

See Deeper Learning in action at three Christian schools in the Vancouver area or spend the day in an outdoor spiritual retreat.

Day 2-3: Workshops

Join us for workshop sessions to explore five different strands of Christian Deeper Learning.

Secondary Campus
15353 92 Ave, Surrey, BC
V3R 1C3, Canada

Multiple Locations

Japanese Calendar

Conference Schedule

Thursday, March 9

7:00 am      Conference opens

7:00 am      Sacred Space

8:30 am      Welcome and Worship

9:00 am      Opening: The Terrain of Christian Deeper Learning

 9:30 am      Break

10:00 am    Workshop 1

11:30 am    Lunch

12:30 pm   Workshop 2

2:00 pm     Break

2:30 pm     Conversation Café OR Job alike groups

3:15 pm     Adjourn

Friday, March 10

7:00 am      Sacred Space

8:00 am      Opening and Worship

8:30 am      Workshop 3

10:00 am    Break

10:30 am    Student presentation

11:30 am    Lunch

12:30 pm   Workshop 4

2:00 pm     Transition to closing 

2:15 pm     Closing: Snapshot Closing, Next Year, Benediction 3:00  pm    Adjourn          

What We Hope to Accomplish

Students In Uniform


Visit one of three leading Deeper Learning schools in the Vancouver area and learn from tours/workshops with educators at that school.

Smiling Student in Lecture


Hear from Christian educators using different models of Deeper Learning in the Christian School context at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced implementation stages.

Youth Conference


Gather to encourage and share with others in the CDL network in a beautiful temperate setting.


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Dan Beerens, Co-Chair

Dan Beerens is an educational consultant, author, international speaker, and educational leader. Before starting Dan Beerens Consulting in May 2010, he served as Vice President of Learning Services and Director of Instructional Improvement at Christian Schools International. Before that, he was the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Holland Christian Schools. Dan has also worked as a teacher and principal in urban and suburban public and Christian schools in Wisconsin and Illinois. He serves as a Senior Fellow at CACE (Center for the Advancement of Christian Education), represents Curriculum Trak sales and professional development, and serves as co-chair of the annual Christian Deeper Learning conference. He blogs regularly for CACE and is the author of Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth: Creating a Culture of Motivation and Learning (Corwin Press) and co-editor of the recent book MindShift: Catalyzing Change in Christian Education (ACSI).

Meet the Team


Steven Levy, Co-Chair

After 28 years teaching in classrooms K-12, and 16 years as a school designer for EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning), Steven Levy is now an independent educational consultant and a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education. He guides teachers in designing service-based curricula, engaging instructional practices, student-owned assessments, and spiritual formation. He was recognized as the Massachusetts State Teacher of the Year and honored by the Disney American Teacher Awards as the national Outstanding General Elementary Teacher.

Steven was the recipient of the Autodesk National Award for his impact on project-based learning and received the John F. Kennedy Prize for the teaching of history. Steven and his fourth-grade students were designated “Conservation Heroes” by the National Park Service for their study of the effects of a local bike path on the environment and the community. Steven has written various articles for educational journals, and his book, Starting From Scratch, details some of the projects and students he has worked with in his elementary classrooms.


Krista Wallace, Co-Chair

Krista Adams Wallace is an international Christian educator and consultant. Krista spent 19 years in the Dominican Republic working in missions and educational development. In 2002, Krista launched the Doulos Discovery School, an expeditionary learning PK-12 international Christian school in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Doulos was the first international Christian school to implement expeditionary learning practices. In 2009, Krista led Doulos to become the first internationally accredited ACSI school in the Dominican Republic.

In 2016, Krista launched InspirED, an educational consulting nonprofit, with Steven Levy and Dan Beerens. This collaboration led them to create the Christian Deeper Learning conference.

Krista lives with her husband, Chad, in Denver, CO, and is the Director of Learning Innovation for Elevate USA. They have two grown daughters and serve on their local Young Life committee. Krista and Chad have an organic coffee farm in the Dominican Republic and enjoy finding new places to sell their coffee worldwide.

Meet the CDL6 Planning Team


Dan Beerens


Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 4.00.33 PM.png

Erik Ellefsen

Cardus, CACE, Baylor


Steven Levy



David Michel

White Rock Christian


Krista Wallace



Julius Siebenga

Abbotsford Christian


Darryl DeBoer

Surrey Christian School

Darren .jpeg

Darren Spyksma

Abbotsford Christian

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