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Peter Welle is a history teacher and professional development coordinator at Southwest Christian High School in Chaska, Minnesota. In addition, he serves as a Teaching for Transformation School Designer through the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education. These positions afford him the luxury of exploring Christian teaching practices at a conceptual level alongside fellow educators, and in a deeply practical way with his own students.

In all his work with learners, Peter tries to play the long game with his instruction, aiming at lifelong goals. As a wanderer for a few years himself, he realizes that some seeds take time to sprout and bear fruit. His pedagogical practice has been invigorated by Teaching for Transformation: he has witnessed his students find deeper purpose for understanding history—as a means to activate kingdom life. When he's not teaching, Peter can usually be found at home with his family playing board games, strumming his guitar, or muttering under his breath about the Minnesota Vikings.

Peter Welle

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