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CDL Digest - 3.17.23

A Canadian Celebration of Christian Deeper Learning!

Jet lag and a time change (springing forward and losing an hour of sleep) couldn’t dampen my joy after CDL6! It was a truly wonderful time together in Vancouver - some unexpectedly sunny days, the beautiful mountains as a constant backdrop, warm and welcoming Canadian hosts, and seeing many friends in person again! On top of that, lots of great learning happened through leadership by 80+ presenters, including the first ever EMT’s, or Eleven Minute Talks.

We packed 473 folks into Surrey Christian Secondary campus for the conference on Thursday the 9th and 10th. 150 attended the pre-conference day on Wednesday the 8th and reported very positive and enlightening experiences at Surrey, Abbotsford, White Rock, and in the Spiritual Renewal groups.

Over 160 attendees enjoyed a special night out together for dinner on Thursday courtesy of World Vision and CDL. On Friday we celebrated with Richmond Christian students as they gave their presentation of learning more about and exploring indigenous culture through wood carving projects.

How do we know people enjoyed each other? One measure was the event management app we used - in a follow-up conversation today with the company, the representative pointed out the way above normal averages of the app being downloaded, the number of messages sent, profiles viewed, announcements read, documents viewed and sponsor impressions given. I simply said in response - “I am not surprised - I tell everyone - I believe this is the highest quality group of educators working today in Christian education!”

This post can’t begin to capture the joy but if you weren’t there you can perhaps see it oozing from the pictures! More reports about this gathering to come - stay tuned.

And in closing, thanks to a great team to help pull this off!

All photo credits above: SCS Photography - many thanks for your invisible but omnipresent documentation of CDL6!


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